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Why Being a Fit Mom Matters (to Me)

I have always known that I was NOT going to be a mom who “let herself go.” I absolutely HATE cliches, and to me that is the ULTIMATE cliche/stereotype. I don’t want the mom haircut or the mom jeans. I don’t want to be frazzled or stressed all the time, with people whispering, “she must hate life.”  And I refuse to be a mom who resents her kids and husband because I feel like I can never get a moment to myself.

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With that said, I will fully admit that motherhood, though an amazing blessing, can be very unglamorous. It’s hard work. It makes for some long days. It requires patience, which I find I have to constantly pray for. It sometimes means messy hair, yoga pants, bags under my eyes, and a to-do list that seems to only grow longer. It means I get to deal with embarrassing tantrums in Target and will probably be forever carrying around dum-dum suckers to keep my child quiet and happy. So, I think it’s safe to say that motherhood is hard. And I only have one child!



But I refuse to let all of those things be excuses as to why I don’t take care of myself. Moms have the amazing ability to set the tone for the household, and in my book, a happy mama=a happy family. Knowing that, I decided when I had my daughter that I was going to have to MAKE time for me every day. Read a book. Watch my favorite show. Take a hot bath. Exercise. Nap. Scrapbook. Put on makeup. Whatever. I knew how important it would be to find time for myself and take care of myself, so I made it a priority.

And then when I discovered Kayla Itsines’ guides, my philosophy of the importance of taking time for myself stretched even more to a PHYSICAL aspect–I decided it was important to LOOK and FEEL good too. I’m not a shallow person by any means, but I do believe that health and happiness go hand in hand. And to me, a big part of happiness is being confident. TRUE confidence has many layers, and I believe one of them is being able to feel good in your own skin. As in, being happy with the way your body looks. But a nice body doesn’t just create itself, right?!



As you can see, hard work pays off!!!

Now I’m going to share a list of reasons why I believe that being a FIT MOM is so important:

1) When you treat your body right, the results show. Results ignite a fire in you to keep working hard so you can continue to look and feel good. This confidence is displayed to your family and to the world, and of course, is now a part of your every-day mindset. And who doesn’t want to feel confident?! It’s a cycle!

2) You can be an example to your children (and husband). Healthy habits are learned in the home, and that huge responsibility has awakened in me as I have watched my daughter grow. I now have proper knowledge and tools regarding health and fitness that I can pass onto her, which will ultimately help her find happiness too.

3) Exercise=endorphins. Endorphins=happy. Enough said.

4) Eating clean=energy. What mom doesn’t want more energy? With kids to chase and drive around and a forever-long to-do list, I know this extra energy as a result of healthy eating is priceless.

5) Working out is a great way to relieve stress. And many moms also consider their workouts to be their “me time.”

6) It’s awesome to be able to smash the stereotype that moms can’t be hot. Because we very well can, ladies! And you better believe people are surprised by it. Not only that, but they totally respect it when they know how hard you work for that body!

7) Cooking and meal-prepping is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle and being fit, and although these things do take time, when done right, you actually SAVE time and money throughout the busy week. So it’s a total win/win in the end.

8) Do I have to mention you are upping your chances by a MILLION AND ONE percent of living longer? And this means more time to travel, live a full life, and enjoy your children and grand-children.

9) Ok, so this one applies more to being a wife than a mom, but it still affects the kiddos. We already know that being physically fit means health, confidence, and energy-just to name a few. But what about strengthened relationships? People who exercise are happier. When you’re happier your relationships tend to thrive. So, overall, being a fit woman is beneficial to your relationship because you are happier, you feel better about yourself, your hubby probably thinks you’re super hot too, and do I really have to mention the unmentionable? Let’s be honest, that aspect of your relationship will improve too! A happy marriage=a happy family.

10) Living a healthy lifestyle makes you feel in control. And we all like to feel in control of ourselves and our lives. It takes a lot of dedication  to consistently live this way, but once you form these great habits, your life feels more balanced and you feel more calm.


I LOVE being a mama, and even more, I love being a FIT mom. Remember that mamas set the tone in family life, so we gotta make sure we are taking care of ourselves and are happy in all aspects of our lives. There’s no denying that a proper diet and consistent exercise are keys to a GREAT life.



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